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Children, lock up your parents! The knee-slappinest, toe-tappinest husband and wife rock ‘n’ fun band is back… and this time they’re taking you to court! The food court, that is! Veteran kid’s music outfit Rock, Paper, Smile! would like to announce the release of their new album, We Find the Defendant… YUMMY!, available in stores everywhere on Tuesday, July, 14th, 2009.

What better way to say, “Pass the ketchup!” to the hot dog days of summer than with a zany new food and laws-themed set of guaranteed hip-shakers by the same wacky folks who brought you such jammin’ hits as “Red Light, Stop! Green Light, Rock!,” “Liars Can’t Dance!” and “Abe Lincoln’s Bio-Diesel Birthday Machine”? It’s a one-step recipe for an all-you-can-party buffet of family entertainment!

Why a themed album? Isn’t that TOO MUCH FUN?!?!

“We wanted to find a way to take two things that are really important – food and the law – and mix them with our trademark blend of catchy melodies and fun, quirky lyrics,” explains guitarist and vocalist Cindy Paper. “When you’re as wacky and zany as Rock, Paper, Smile!,” adds her husband, keyboardist and vocalist Mark Paper, “too much fun is the expected amount of fun!”

With 12 irresistible new tunes, We Find the Defendant… YUMMY! is stuffed so full of delicious ditties and scrumptious songs, your ears will need to buy a bigger belt… but first, they’ll come back for seconds!

I’m a pop cop! / I read Coke®s and Sprite®s their Miranda rights / I put ginger ale in jail!

Drinks with fizz, meet the soda fuzz! “Pop Cop,” a chugging (pun definitely intended!) power ballad about a dentist-turned-police officer arresting sugary beverages for assaulting teeth, will have your fingers snapping and your mouth clapping!

But don’t worry! Sometimes a little sugar is okay…

The lollipops escaped from jail and chocolate bars are jumping bail / Both are guilty of lacking nutrition, but Argentina has no extradition / It’s a South American candy fiesta!

Ole! Pass the salsa. No, not the dip! The popular Latino music! “South American Candy Fiesta,” Rock, Paper, Smile!’s first journey into the funky musical jungles of our neighbors to the south, adds a twist of jalapeno to the rich stew of rock and silliness you’ve come to love! But be careful… It’s caliente!

And what’s this? Rap, Paper, Smile!?

The pepperoni pizza was arrested doing 80 in a ’67 caddy with a chicken patty lady / his attorney was spaghetti with a side of mahi mahi / and the jury was a dozen oily rolls of tuna sushi!

The sizzling “Guilty of Yummy” celebrates the 21st century’s newest musical trend, hip-hop, in a family friendly way that every rhyme-hungry homie can enjoy! Crank up the bass, and the laughter, with this roof-raising courtroom drama that puts the “con” back in “condiments”! It’s fun to the izzle!

We Find the Defendant… YUMMY! features nine other delectable musical confections, including “Brunch is Like Justice,” “You Can’t Bribe a Judge with Broccoli” and “Blueberry Pancake, Attorney at Law.”

Mark and Cindy Paper have been writing and recording music together as Rock, Paper, Smile! for 13 years. Their previous albums include It’s All of Your Bee’s Wax!, Wiggle Your Piggle! and the critically acclaimed Pants-Ants Exterminator.